About us
About Venzli

Help all start-up entrepreneurs.

How to import?

What is the payment term?

What do the terms FOB, EXW, CFR mean?

You may have a lot of questions about oversea purchase.

Now you can leave all of this to us, and we help you take care of all of them.

Help you start international business rapidly and professionally.

For suppliers and products, we've made hundreds of field visits to different factories and forged profound relationship with the best producers.

We've thought of everything, so you don't have to struggling with the Chinese market,

which is immense and requiring to separate the sheep from the goats hardly.  


Focus on wooden decorations.

If you want to start a business with wooden products, contact us today.

From walnut, beech, pine, oak, bamboo to MDF, plywood are all materials we work with.

From natural wood finish, to painting, printing and carbonated, are all techniques we master.

We have confidence to provide you with a workable solution.


Provide one-stop solution.

Sometimes you may only have an idea or a sketch, even have no idea how to find a graphic designer to make a professional drawing.

You can find us.

Sometimes you want to have a good packaging for your product,

but it means you need to find another supplier who can supply you customized packaging boxes or bags.

It increases your working cost a lot.

You can find us.

Sometimes, you are struggling with the shipment. Confused with how to choose or where to choose.

You can find us.

From air to sea to train to truck, we provide many options, and you'll find the most economical one.

Our Product Range

Wooden Storage Boxes

Bamboo storage Boxes

Wooden Signs

Wooden Wall Hanging Decorations

Wooden Cake Stand

Wooden Maps

Wooden Toys

Wooden Coasters